How to Book Your December 2017 Zimbali Accommodation

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How to Book Your December 2017 Zimbali Accommodation

Zimbali December Holidays

If you’re looking for a reason to visit Zimbali Coastal Estate these holidays, we’ve got 14 in this article aptly titled Why You Should Visit Zimbali These December Holidays. With fun activities to be enjoyed in and around Zimbali for the entire family this festive season, we’re betting that by the end of this article – Zimbali will be high on your Possible Holiday Destinations list! Without further ado, let’s look at how to book your December 2017 Zimbali accommodation online…

Step 1: Check Out Zimbali Coastal Estate

The first thing you’ll want to do before actually inquiring about your Zimbali accommodation is to see what the coastal estate has to offer in terms of recreational activities.

We understand that what’s appealing for dad might not be as interesting for mom or the kids, so this article called There’s Something For Everyone at Zimbali breaks the Zimbali activities down into those best suited for moms, dads, kids, and the whole family.

Step 2: Decide Where You Want to Be

The Zimbali Coastal Estate is quite a large chunk of land, coming in at an impressive 700 hectares. This includes the canopy forest and the 18-hole golf course. This means that the estate is home to hundreds and hundreds of private homes, most of which featuring Mediterranean-inspired architecture.

The good news is that, come the school holidays, many of these homes are rented out by their owners to holiday makers. Decide where you’d like to be situated by checking out this map of Zimbali, and remember the road you are interested in.

PS: Holiday homes on Milkwood Road are the most sought-after, thanks to its proximity to the beach.

Step 3: Browse the Lodging Options

Whether you like the hustle and bustle of a hotel holiday, or you’re looking for the independence of a self-catering holiday home, you’re bound to find the perfect accommodation fit for you and your family at Zimbali Coastal Estate.

If you’re looking for a luxurious self-catering holiday home that sleeps up to ten, situated literally a stone’s throw from the beach while being surrounded by lush vegetation for total privacy, then our two Zimbali Ocean Villas are serious contenders.

Both are situated on Milkwood road (48 Milkwood & 63 Milkwood), each featuring breath-taking 180-degree views of the warm Indian Ocean. Don’t take our word for it, though! Click on either of the holiday homes to find out more about them.

Step 4: Book Your Zimbali Accommodation

So, you’ve had a look at what the Zimbali Coastal Estate has to offer, you’ve sort of decided where you’d like to reside for the duration of your December holiday, and you’ve looked at a few Zimbali accommodation options. Great! If you’re not convinced by now that Zimbali is the place to be these holidays, read this article on Five Benefits of a Zimbali Beach Holiday.

The final step then is to actually book your accommodation, or make the first contact with the Zimbali accommodation venue you’ve chosen.

If your heart is set on either 48 Milkwood or 63 Milkwood, get in touch with Zimbali Ocean Villas here and we’ll make your sunny South African vacation dreams come true!