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May 10, 2017
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June 8, 2017

Villa Holiday vs Hotel Holiday

Planning your next big trip or a family getaway to Kwazulu-Natal? Finding the right place to stay can make or break a holiday! We’ve got the skinny on the pros and cons of different accommodation options available. Discover why staying in a villa when you next visit Durban could transform the way you take beach holidays forever…

Beachfront Accommodation Is Changing

We’ve all stayed at subpar hotels that had little or no character and which added nothing to our holiday except a place to sleep. But times are changing! There are more accommodation options than ever before. We’ve recently seen the rise of Airbnb and things like couch surfing, where people open their homes and let out their couches to people. However, these are unpredictable in their standards and more suited to backpackers and young couples.

Luxury Villas: A New Way to Enjoy Self-Catering Holidays

If you do want to stay somewhere that you know is going to offer reliably excellent services, more freedom and luxury accommodation that doesn’t break the bank, then staying in a holiday villa could be for you. Staying in a 5-star hotel can be equally amazing but the two offer quite different experiences. Self-catering holiday homes have a bad rap as the dull cheap option, but luxury villas that offer sublime settings, seclusion and cater to visitor’s needs, are changing that perception.

Plan your Ultimate Beach Holiday in Zimbali

Take a look at our infographic comparing hotel and villa holiday accommodation options to find the best fit for you: