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August 30, 2017
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Zimbali Holiday Accommodation: What to Expect

Zimbali Holiday Accommodation

Looking for a beach holiday in South Africa? Keep Zimbali Coastal Estate on your short list! With the warm Indian Ocean flowing beside the secluded Zimbali beach stretching along KwaZulu-Natal’s Dolphin Coast, tranquil lakes flowing beside walking paths that lead through dense sub-tropical forests, and activities for the entire family to enjoy within the coastal estate – Zimbali certainly is a holiday destination one will struggle to forget! Here’s what to expect when vacationing at Zimbali…

Upon Arrival

Zimbali is a mere 20-minute drive from the King Shaka International Airport, and a half-hour drive from central Durban. Upon arrival at Zimbali, you’ll be greeted by a paved road leading between two stone pillars set amongst lush indigenous flora.

Security within the Zimbali estate is a top priority, so before entering the estate proper, friendly security personnel at Zimbali’s entrance will get your information and assist you with navigating the estate. Once the formalities are out of the way, you’ll be shown inside and your Zimbali experience will commence in exquisite African style.

Inside the Zimbali Coastal Estate

Once entering the coastal forest estate, you’ll be exposed to over 700 hectares of sheer holiday bliss. Zimbali is the Zulu word for ‘valley of flowers’, and the name certainly is appropriate! This vista of biological diversity boasts eight different vegetation types – from pioneer dune grass to towering dune forests. There are no fewer than eight different mammalian species calling the Zimbali estate home, and if you’re a bird watcher – you can expect to spot over 220 different species of birds!

Holiday homes within Zimbali are set amongst the fauna and flora, giving nature centre stage and placing you directly in the thick of it! Listen to the Bush Buck walking past your bedroom window, as the seagulls meow overhead. Your Zimbali holiday accommodation won’t have any walls surrounding the holiday home, because there is no need for them. The entire estate is enclosed with security walling and fencing, and the only two entrances to the estate are guarded 24 hours a day.

What to Do at Zimbali

For a look at what activities are on offer within the Zimbali estate, see this article on things to do in Zimbali Coastal Estate. For family member-specific activities you and your brood can expect to find at Zimbali, see this article sharing that there’s something for everyone at Zimbali!

Zimbali Holiday Accommodation

For a Zimbali holiday home that is close enough to the beach to walk, as well as being close to the various Zimbali amenities, consider the stunning Zimbali Ocean Villas on Milkwood Drive. Each holiday villa sleeps ten and each room features an en-suite bathroom. Both Zimbali Ocean Villa holiday homes feature swimming pools, and exquisite panoramic views of the Indian ocean. To see what our holiday homes can offer your family, browse our Zimbali Ocean Villas gallery here!