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November 23, 2017
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December 14, 2017

Zimbali Summer Holidays: The Singh Family

Rajesh, Nafeesa, and Neelan Singh live in a spacious two-bedroom apartment in London, England. In 2016, the British family decided to visit their family in South Africa.

Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, was their destination – and what a destination it was!

Little Neelan, who was seven at the time, couldn’t stop staring at the Moses Mabhida stadium as they flew into O.R. Thambo from Abu Dhabi.

They came to experience the definition of a luxury South African summer holiday – and that was exactly what they were in for…

Minutes from the Airport

“Don’t forget your Paddington Bear book on the plane, Neelan.” Rajesh was gathering his hand-luggage as the Singh family slowly began making their way off of the plane that had just brought them from Abu Dhabi.

The humidity was the first thing that greeted them as they stepped outside, but this only made them crave their holiday accommodation more.

You see, the Singh family had booked an oceanside villa for their stay at Zimbali Coastal Estate – a world renowned South African holiday destination. All young Neelan wanted to do was get into his swimming costume and cool down in the warmish Indian ocean – and all Rajesh and Nafeesa wanted was an afternoon nap.

The Singhs collected their luggage, and made their way to where all the taxis and metered cabs wait just outside the arrivals terminal.

“Sir.. Where you going, sir? Best cabs we have, sir!” One zealous cab driver approached the family.

“Can you take us to Zimbali? We’re staying at number 48 Milkwood Road – one of the Zimbali Ocean Villas.”

The cab driver smiled from ear to ear.

“Zimbali? That’s only 20 minutes’ drive from here, sir! If you come with me, I’ll have you sipping a martini on the beach before you know what’s what!”

His optimism was contagious, and Rajesh decided to give the man their business.

Arrival at Zimbali

The cab driver made small talk for the duration of the trip (it only took them 15 minutes) and before long they were pulling into the stunning Zimbali Coastal Estate entrance.

A security guard who’d noticed their approach stepped out of his guard hut with a pen and paper in hand.

“Welcome to Zimbali! Please fill in your details here,” he requested as he handed the check-in book to the driver.

“We’re staying at number 48 Milkwood Road; do you know how to get there?” Mr Singh asked.

“But of course, sir!” the guard exclaimed with a smile, and proceeded to give the cab driver directions.

Within minutes the Singh family were on their way through Zimbali Coastal Estate and towards the South African summer holiday they’d been excitedly waiting for.

Breath-taking Ocean Views

The family pulled up to number 48 Milkwood, and could barely believe their eyes.

Built to resemble a vintage Mediterranean villa, their holiday home for the following two weeks featured a staircase leading up to the nicest front door they’d ever seen.

Rajesh grabbed the family’s luggage from the boot, paid their driver, and waved him goodbye.

Waiting for them at the front door was a lady who said she’d take them through the house – but all they REALLY wanted to see were the breath-taking ocean views everyone that had stayed there before raved about.

“Not bad, ey?” their guide commented as the Singh family stood in a line along the patio handrail staring at the 180-degree view of the ocean.

“Not bad at all,” Rajesh said as he smiled at his wife and then at his son – who were both smiling back at him.